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Large firms & recruitment agencies often have to face critical skill shortfalls, mismatch of supply and demand of employee hires, outsourcing fees, high attrition rate etc. People, processes and technology have become a crucial stepping stone to ensure the success of any organization. It is imperative that organizations hire efficient manpower and tackle and determine what workforce requirements are needed to optimize productivity.

Resource Datamine is an innovative fully customized web based application that effectively integrates all aspects of the hiring process, ensuring consistency & transparency by streamlining and refining your recruiting and hiring process. A recruiting tool, it incorporates the power, accessibility and reach of the web using an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. Designed to fully automate every step of the recruiting process and effectively build a superior workforce at an enterprise level, Resource Datamine ensures your business objectives are aligned with the right resources to give you a competitive edge.

Automated Recruitment Software

Resource Datamine provides consistency and transparency by streamlining and

automating every step of the recruiting

life cycle.

Database: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
Operating System: Windows 2000 & 2003, Linux, AIX
Middleware: IBM Websphere Application Server, Jboss

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